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Oficyna Group / 5-axis CNC machining / CNC Applications

CNC Applications

Forms and punches

  • molds (metals, glass, rubber, elastomers)
  • punches matrices
  • forms of rolls for marking







Parts of hardware products

  • mobile phones
  • aluminum and stainless steel
  • medical devices
  • textile machinery
  • musical instruments
  • parts of electronic products








  • copper
  • graphite








Metal processing

  • concave or convex surface graphic engraving
  • engraving letters on the surface of the mold or stamp
  • art engraving





  • wax forms
  • rings and bracelets engraving



  • machining and engraving envelopes, shields






Clothing industry

  • high-frequency matrices
  • hot embossing
  • dies






Footwear industry

  • shoe soles mold (synthetic wood, aluminum, steel)
  • forms of ethyl (EVA)
  • forms of leather cutting and embossing








Parts of mobile phones

  • screens
  • acrylic lens
  • aluminium plate
  • stainless steel buttons