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Building investments

Pool investments

Swimming pool investments for individuals and companies.

swimming pools

Stretched ceilings

DPS is a type of detachable ceilings, it is worth every money invested in it. Ten year guarantee assures about ceiling's quality and unique presentation, and practical in use surface makes your life easier. There is no need in painting it, it is perfectly smooth and it is ideal camouflage for disparities, rifts and other imperfections.

stretched ceilings

Suspended ceilings

Ceilings that we offer are based on Knauf and AMF technology. They also allow you to have inspiring arrangements and new uncommon technical solutions.

suspended ceilings

Artistic painting

We offer you amazing possibilities of arrangements every interior. Large size painting is known from unrestricted opportunities of creating any landscape indoors or outdoors according to our propositions or your own projects.

artistic walls painting