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Water cutting accrues to the fast, precise and flexible implements of material processing.

Waterjet cutting figures on using high pressure water stream, generated in pressure pomp, going through small perforation in order to focus the most amount of energy as possible at smallest area. With this stream it is possible to cut through various material.

Depending on requirements we can use different technologies:

  • waterjet - cutting with water stream
  • abrasive waterjet (AWJ) -cutting with water stream with abrasive
  • abrasive water suspension jet (AWSJ) - cutting with abrasive and suspension of water and abrasive

The abrasive increases productivity of water stream enabling us to operate very thick materials.

Maximum precision
+/- 0,1 mm along pivot X,Y on 1000 mm

Diameter of water stream
0,2-0,5 mm with water cutting,
0,7-1,5 mm with cutting with water and abradant

Thickness of cut material
Metal - to 80mm
Polymers - to 200mm

Amount of elements
Serial and elementary

Confided or from our magazines

Realisation time
Maximum 2 weeks (exceptionally it can be 1 day or immediately)