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Oficyna Group / Laser machines

Laser machines

We have been operating in the laser marking industry since 1986. Therefore, we have gained considerable experience in this field along with our subcontractors, and we now offer services as well as laser devices applicable to different industries.

3D laser for advertising DESIGNLOOK 1005

The machine is designed for the production of crystal souvenirs - three-dimensional images engraved in crystal. We offer our customers a base material in the form of pure crystals of various shapes and we help promote the product in local markets.


3D large format laser DESIGNLOOK 2005

Our lasers are assembled of western components in leading Chinese factories. Engineers' experience allows us to create machines friendly to people working on them. The interface is very intuitive and transparent. We offer you 3D laser machine to engrave large format glass and acrylic materials.

3D laser to engrave inside bottles DESIGNLOOK 3005

Graving of numbering, logos, security codes, regional marks, two dimensional codes, micro-coding inside the wall or inside bottom of glass bottles. These characters and images are subsurface engraved inside the glassware, keeping the surface smooth. Only by damaging the glass bottle you can get rid off the mark! Truly deep permanent security reached!

3d laser to engrave inside bottles

Laser to cut and mark steel

YAG-type lasers are suitable for high precision non-contact cutting metals: especially in stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, aluminum and many other types of metal.

yag lasers

CO2 laser to cut and mark soft materials

CO2 lasers provide an efficient non-contact method for cutting and marking a wide variety of materials including plastics, fabrics, leather, wood and laminates. The wavelength of the energy emitted from the CO2laser is absorbed very efficiently by these materials. The absorbed energy is converted to heat, and the heat ablates material directly in the laser's path.

co2 lasers