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Industrial Marking

In our offer you can find permanent marking of your products or intermediate products from single ones to serial amounts.


In order to enrich our offer we have invested in the largest marking machine in Poland 2500 x 1300 mm. That makes our serial markings much more faster and efficient, also in three or two shifts mode. It is also available to use Water Jet Cutting Machine in 2000 x 4000 mm size, which makes your expenses lower and gives you an opportunity to connect production processes.

With marking You can:

  • calibrate intermediate products with logo or serial number
  • adjust to European norms in permanent marking
  • insert bar codes
  • make Your product more attractive

We service clients from various lines of business - producers and distributors of machines, devices, vehicles from big companies as well as small corporations.


In last years, laser technology has got through huge advancement, beginning new era in identification. Permanent and precise identification at all types of objects. Marking with laser, regardless from hardness of objects.

laser marking technology

Advantages of laser marking

The advantages of laser marking are high speed, constant level of overprint, the ability to print on very small surfaces. We offer You a wide range advanced laser systems CO2, Nd:YAG,YVO and Fiber plotery and galvo type which guarantee high productivity for all solutions. We own the biggest marking machine in Poland - 2500 x 1300 mm.

advantages of laser marking


Using laser has become more significant in industry of marking element with safety attributes and identification various components. Laser marking provides that marked objects will be abrasion, chemical argents proof. You can insert bar codes, serial numbers, date and time of production, working changes codes and even corporation logos.

laser marking applications