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About us

Oficyna Company, whose founder is Tadeusz Urbaniak has existed since 1986. We use the latest leading hardware manufacturers, which results in customer satisfaction. In connection with this policy, our firm has a very wide range of services. From stamps, which were the first stage of our company, through printing and finishing on any services related to advertising. In addition to individual customers, we also work with various advertising agencies, which may individually negotiate with us for their cooperation. Our employees are people who have very extensive experience in the work done by us.

History of the brand
In concern of our company's visual identification in 2008 we have designed a brand new logo, which combines utility and functionality. Oficyna logo

Throughout 27 years of our activity trusted us among others:

Fiast Auto Poland
Schneider Electric
Plus GSM
Poczta Polska
Dialog Telecom
Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
Coca Cola
H. Skrzydlewska
Unidro S.A.
Commercial Union
MAC Auditor

And many other clients from Poland and abroad.

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