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Advertising gadgets

You can enrich Your company profile, by using advertising gadgets from our offer. We are able to embellish your products or other objects with engravings or markings. They will become unique presents for your clients (for example pressure gauge can turn into exclusive gadget for clients from medical companies).

Advertising gadgets

Trophies for every occasion

We offer a wide variety of trophies which satisfy every need - beginning from small ceremonies to the most prestigious.

trophies, prizes

3D laser crystal engraving

We have a laser engraving facilities which allow us to engrave in crystal glass. Designed image is created with a laser beam and consists of many thousands of small dots. As a result, the engraved images are very clear and rich in detail.

3D laser crystal engraving, glass

Laser in advertising

There is a possibility to engrave any material You like. Laser technology is very effective and especially useful when typical methods do not examine (ex. printing)

laser engraving, laser in advertising

Stamps and seals

It is possible to perform every project you like.

pieczatki, stemple, datowniki, suche pieczęcie

Gifts engraving

There is a possibility to engrave every individual glass, wooden, steel gifts. For example vase, bracelet, flask, watch, bottles and other.

vase, bracelet, flask, watch, bottles and other