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3D large format laser Designlook 2005

We are pleased to announce that our machine Designlook 2005 designed for laser subsurface engraving of glass surfaces, which we presented at the recent RemaDays won a medal "The Prize for Innovations".

The unit was designed in collaboration with external partners such as research institutes and foreign cooperastors. We introduce to the market various technologically advanced laser equipment to meet the different customers needs.

maszyna designlook 2005

Device specification

Our lasers are assembled of western and Japanese components in the leading Chinese factories. Engineers' experience allows us to create machines friendly to people working on them. The interface is very intuitive and transparent.

We offer you 3D laser machine to engrave large format glass and acrylic materials.

We are able to realize laser with work table of any format.

Pricing: sales@oficynagroup.com