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Advantages of waterjet cutting

1. High quality of edges

As a obverse to laser or plasma cutting, water cutting assures precise and smooth incisions. Moreover the material stays unaffected by temperature, leverage or chemical agents.

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2. Usability

It can be used for cutting every type of metals, glass, wood, rubber, ceramics, natural stones, textiles, polymer and a lot of other types which can not be so precisely cut with other cutting techniques.

Material which can be cut with water stream:
constructional steel, ordinary steel, acid resistant steel, tool steel, armoured steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, chromic steel
non-ferrous metals - ex. Aluminum, copper, brass, bronze etc.
natural stones - ex. Marble, granite, sand rock, graphite
armoured glass, strated glass, glass
ceramics, porcelain, ceramic tiles
wood, wooden materials - ex. MDF
polymers - ex. polyurethane, polyamide, glastherm, pcv, vinyl, Plexiglas, Kevlar, Teflon, carbon

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3. Environmentally friendly
Because water cutting technique is a method without using chemical agents it provides that production is environmentally-friendly, which is essential for many companies.