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Trophies for every occasion

We offer a wide variety of goblets which satisfy every need - beginning from small ceremonies to the most prestigious. You can find here: glass trophies, metal trophies, ceramic trophies, sport and occasional trophies, gold and silver trophies, economical trophies and medals.

Statuettes are becoming more prevalent way to reward the best from the best. It’s also a nice memento for graduates, pleasant thanksgiving for sponsors and meritorious people, distinction for athletes, gift for someone celebrating a jubilee as well as an unforgettable memento from ceremonies. Ever statuette attracts attention by its originality, reliability of rendition, price and the possibility to use grawerton technique.

You can find here:

  • football statuettes
  • skiing statuettes
  • bicycling statuettes
  • handball statuettes
  • volleyball statuettes
  • basketball statuettes
  • tennis statuettes
  • angling statuettes
  • haunting statuettes
  • snooker statuettes
  • judo, boxing, karate statuettes
  • swimming statuettes
  • golf statuettes
  • statuettes for firemen or miners
  • ceremony statuettes
  • glass and crystal statuettes
  • wooden diplomas, engraved, in case